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Upchurch Brothers Angus Cattle has been in operation since 2008. The farm is located in Lineville, AL on rolling green hills at the foot of Cheaha mountain. It is owned and operated by Randall and Tiffany Upchurch and their three sons, Bence, Aiden, and Cager. For Randall, this operation is about more than just being in the cattle business, it is something that he was born into and it has been his deepest life-long passion. Randall is a 4th generation cattle producer, with his grandfather and father still running cow-calf operations in Lineville as well. Being born and raised and spending all of his adult life in this industry has given Randall the knowledge that it takes to operate a successful farm in todays market.

Upchurch Brothers meets all requirements for a successful operation. Along with a deep knowledge for genetics, Upchurch Brothers has the care and passion that it takes for providing customers with top-notch performing Angus cattle. Over the years, Upchurch Brothers has proven that they have a healthy, well performing heard that they can stand behind along with customer service on a personal level to follow through.

“Because I have a brother, I’ll always have a friend.” – Unknown

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